• Flormar has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic Products GMP certificates. The Quality Control Department carries out high quality assurance by testing the products in modern laboratories in each step of production.

    Quality control is evaluated through internal and external auditing which is carried out by international auditing companies and export customers. Each step of production is under the same inspection and control as each step of raw material and package acquisition.

    Our main criteria that we focus on in order to maintain high customer satisfaction is quality. This approach is also adopted by our partners. Quality assurance is of utmost importance to us. Our main parameters on this issue are as follows:
    Well-equipped quality control and Research & Development laboratories

    • Using modern production machines

    • Working with an expert staff and qualified manpower

    • Efficient documentation system

    • Creating and producing cosmetic products with an innovative approach

    • Satisfying customer needs

    • Efficient logistic services

    • Complying with legal regulations in product creating and labeling

    • Ensuring high-standard hygienic and quality controls are carried out in every step of the production process

    • Replying to all questions about product quality assurance, tolerance and quality control issues on time

    • Making sure all views and complaints from our customers are forwarded to the Marketing Department

  • Quality Policies
    • Building healthy relations with supplier

    • Doing our job correctly the first time

    • Making sure that all of our products are superior in quality in their own market share

    • Supplying customers with dependable, high-quality products in order to ensure and maintain maximum customer satisfaction

    • Sustainably improving the efficiency of our quality management system by complying with legal provisions

    • Fulfilling our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society by using resources in an efficient way

    • Supplying our employees with a working environment in which they can improve themselves and display their skills, and encouraging their contribution to sustainable improvement and increased productivity

    • Carefully choosing and training our suppliers by incorporating them into the quality management system

    • Carrying out all of our activities with awareness towards social responsibility and the environment

    • Creating sustainable improvement and development with training and advisory activities

    • Keeping up with new technologies in capacity management and productivity, and reaching maximum capacity